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Emergency for General donations

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  • Emergency for General donations
Emergency for General donations
01 Apr

Emergency for General donations

What is a general donation? General donations are a one-time gift created at any time. They show your generosity and support for the work accomplished by saving peoples. By creating a general donation, you contribute to up the health and welfare of the larger community served by your hospital.


General Donation is that the donation within which the donor doesn't specify any condition for its use. the quantity of general donation is an income and that we credit it to income and Expenditure Account. Specific Donation: ... Specific donations are capitalized and are shown on the liabilities facet of the record.


Specific donation is wherever funds or services visit a selected cause, person, charity, or program. Donations specifically are targeted to specific group. An example of this can be force Women’s Shelter. Funds or donations would directly visit the shelter to assist pay money for medical aid and some money use ,plasma for money ,whereas at the shelter. Or funds might visit pay money for wear, some money use blood donate for money


A general donation would visit a charity to assist no matter program desires the funding. an example of this might be nongovernmental organization. Cash given would fund no matter program action a desire like electrical help, job coaching, or rental help. The charity decides wherever that money is best served.